Friday, July 15, 2016

About Reply-To and Auto-Reply

In JSender, you can manage how your customers reply your message, by setting the "Reply To" address of the sender information, you can redirect your customer to reply to a specific address instead of your "From Address".

However, it applies to your customer clicking the reply button himself/herself. Most of the "Auto-Reply" mechanism of the email service provider (ESP), like Gmail or Yahoo, will reply to the "From Address" (instead of the "Reply-To") for auto reply, for instance, vocation auto reply. JSender has no right to control how the ESP reply the email. Therefore, please make sure you can receive the email in  "From Address" if getting (even) the auto reply message is important to you.

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Send from domain will be rejected by most email service providers

Some free email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL Mail, have adopted strict DMARC policies to prevent spam and spoofing. If you use an email marketing tool like JSender and you choose a campaign From email address provided by a free email service, their DMARC policy may tell receiving servers to reject your campaign because it wasn’t sent through them.

If you require more technical detail, please refer to the follows:

DO NOT use,,,,,,,,, in your sender address

Solution: Register a Domain
To avoid the consequences of DMARC policy changes of free email providers, use an address at your own domain. If you don’t have an email domain to use as the From email address for JSender campaigns, you can register one. Contact our support if you need further help.

Register a .com domain for HK$88/year

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

3 Simple Steps to setup your Custom Domain in JSender Re-seller System

With 3 simple steps, you can have your own  custom domain in your JSender re-seller account

1) Tell us your custom domain, for example, by email or by phone call.

2) Setup a CNAME record and point to "" in your domain provider

The following example is based on GoDaddy

3) Verify your domain after setup
In Windows, open your command prompt, and type

If  your found that the Name is, Congratulations! You have completed the setup!

Don't hesitate to contact our support if you found any problem during the setup procedure.

Note: We don't recommend you to setup the A Record to point to our IP address, because we may change our IP address in the future. Don't worry, is a neutral domain, it doesn't get any information of

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Export your Bounced Email List from JSender

JSender allows you to export almost all your data from our system. You can export the email addresses according to your requirements. Go to the page Contact -> Manage Contacts, you can find the steps in the following images:

  • Click "(Advanced)"
  • Check "Bounced" check box
  • Press "Search" button
  • All the bounced emails are listed
  • Use Batch Action function, select "Export Contact (All Pages)", all the bounced emails can be downloaded in Excel format (xls)

For those users with very large email list size, we may split the records in multiple .xls file and archive in a zip file. If you are looking for a free tool to extract it, we recommend 7-Zip.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Google Chrome (v.18) Insert Image Problem

To Google Chrome User:
If your have updated to Google Chrome v.18 recently, you may found that when you editing your message to select the images for insertion, you may not able to find the images.

It is a bug in Google Chrome and it was reported:!msg/chrome/DVPeWTU8-tA/zVWpki4s9fkJ

Because we use an open source HTML editor, it is hard for us to fix it in short period or time, so:
1) Temporary change your browser to, for example, Firefox.
2) In fact your window has came out, just right click and maximize it.

Friday, November 25, 2011

About the real time report

Our system gets event every second. When somebody opens the email, clicks the link, downloads the images from our server, our system would getting event. The events may trigger to update our user data, such as how many recipients opened the email in the campaign.

It is a heavy task to update these information into our database in real time. So, frankly, the campaign report you are viewing may not be the latest information, it reflects the actual information but just getting a little bit delay. The report would be updated periodically, so it would eventually reflect the final information.

We are working hard to improve our system to make it reflect the information as fast as possible, but in case you would like to get the latest information of the campaign, simply press a "Update" button and it would tell us that you are hurry to get the latest information now, we would update your campaign report immediately. May be many people are pressing the button at the same time, so, if not immediately, just 30 secs, we promise the latest report would be delivered. Please find the button below:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Quality HTML Message

What makes a quality HMTL message?

Decent HTML message brings you a successful promotion campaign. Eye-catching images, slogan and readable content are tasks for marketing team and designers. The final and essential step of preparing an e-news is to write the HTML source well and let the message spread around the internet properly. A quality HTML message should be:

1) Following standard. The validation of HTML code is important for consistent interpretation. Invalid syntax like style="color:red which have the closing " missing, and td without closing tag /td pairing up would have a chance of display problem. Sometimes browsers handle them and give a perfect output but it is not guaranteed. The message might be processed wrongly and lead to disorder.

2) Well structured. Using tables and organizing content into rows, columns, span or div ensure that the images and content have nice positioning. Grid-like structure makes content look tidy and easy to manage positioning.

Ready to create an excellent HTML message and promote your product to the world?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Track Your Campaign

How to track your campaign?

Open rate is an important figure to show the performance of your campaign. Our system tracks the action by an invisible image. When recipients open the email with the image, the action is tracked . Unfortunately, the blank image might not be opened spontaneously due to security setting. Recipient would need to allow images to be displayed in order to have the open rate recorded.

Click rate of a campaign refers to the clicking of a link included in the email. Every click of recipient is recorded and that shows you how much attention the link gained from the target. The report could be found under Campaign.

Would there be NO open rate but click rate more than zero?
Yes, this case occurs when a recipient doesn't allow images displayed in email, therefore, the open is not recorded. The clicking of link would still be tracked and this leads to a zero open rate but valid click rate.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Google Analytics Integration

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a free web page tracking tool provided by Google. It is free to sign-up as long as you have a Google account. By Google Analytics, you get various statistic and reports on traffic to your web page. It helps monitoring the visitors' activity and analyzing the traffic source so you get a clear picture of business opportunity brought to your site. All you have to do is adding few lines of code to the web page you want to track and set up in Google Analytics. With fast signing up and simple set up in web site, you could obtain all informative reports prepared in Google Analytics page. For more details of the free tool, please read: Google Analytics Guide.

What does it mean to your email marketing campaign?

We provide detailed report about your email campaign, however, we cannot provide information about the visitor's response on your Website after they click the link in the email, for example, did they purchase any item in your Website after getting your e-News promotion. Integration between our email marketing system with Google Analytics can provide such information for your marketing plan. If you have been using Google Analytics already, you could easily track the audience brought by the your email campaign. With Google Analytics reports, you could find the view rate brought from email:

How to setup?
1) Configuration in Message setting
In "Advanced Setting" of Create or Edit message, check the box "Enable Google Analytics Tracking" and fill in the necessary fields. It has 3 fields need to be filled

Campaign Source: it is the highest level of the hierarchy to distinguish the source of the lead, probably you would fill in newsletter
Campaign Medium: even the same source may appear the different medias, for example, a newsletter may appear in a web based format or in email format, you may always fill in email in this field
Campaign Name: for the same source and medium, you may have different campaign, try to fill something here to uniquely identify your campaign

2) Insert link (assumed that Google Analytics tracking code has been inserted to that Web page)
For your web page e.g., which is already under Google Analytics, insert the link to the email content.

3) Check the Google Analytics report
After sending out the campaign, if some recipients click the link, you can track your Website visitors brought by your campaign in Google Analytics report.

i) Login to Google Analytics Home and select the report for of your website i.e.

ii) Choose "All Traffic Sources" under "Traffic Sources" and show the traffic Source and Medium. You would find the information input in Step 1 and they show the visitors brought by the email.

iii) Choose "Campaign" under "Traffic Sources" and you would find the campaign name input in Step 1 and they show the visitors brought by the campaign.

Friday, March 25, 2011

List Segmentation

In our recent system upgrade, we have added a new feature - Filter. You can use it to send a segment of the selected list(s). So, how it works?

1) Go to "Contact", "Filter", then press the "Create Filter" button.

2) Name your filter and input some description (if necessary)

3) Choose the filter criteria you would like to select, for example, all male recipient in Korea.

4) It's worthwhile to talk about the relation (AND and OR) in between the two criteria. As the name stated, if you choose AND, it means that you select all male recipient, and they must be in Korea. For the OR, it means that you select all male recipient (in any country) or Korea (in any gender), recipients matched either criteria will be selected.

Press Create Filter button. That's completed the filter creation. But how it is related to your campaign?
When you create a new campaign, you can choose a filter now.
First, select the contact list(s), then choose the filter. It will show you how many recipient were selected for this campaign and your campaign will be more personalized and relevant to your email content now.

At this moment, we provide two criteria to create the filter, and we are working hard to put more criteria to create a more powerful filter.