Friday, September 16, 2011

Quality HTML Message

What makes a quality HMTL message?

Decent HTML message brings you a successful promotion campaign. Eye-catching images, slogan and readable content are tasks for marketing team and designers. The final and essential step of preparing an e-news is to write the HTML source well and let the message spread around the internet properly. A quality HTML message should be:

1) Following standard. The validation of HTML code is important for consistent interpretation. Invalid syntax like style="color:red which have the closing " missing, and td without closing tag /td pairing up would have a chance of display problem. Sometimes browsers handle them and give a perfect output but it is not guaranteed. The message might be processed wrongly and lead to disorder.

2) Well structured. Using tables and organizing content into rows, columns, span or div ensure that the images and content have nice positioning. Grid-like structure makes content look tidy and easy to manage positioning.

Ready to create an excellent HTML message and promote your product to the world?

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