Friday, November 25, 2011

About the real time report

Our system gets event every second. When somebody opens the email, clicks the link, downloads the images from our server, our system would getting event. The events may trigger to update our user data, such as how many recipients opened the email in the campaign.

It is a heavy task to update these information into our database in real time. So, frankly, the campaign report you are viewing may not be the latest information, it reflects the actual information but just getting a little bit delay. The report would be updated periodically, so it would eventually reflect the final information.

We are working hard to improve our system to make it reflect the information as fast as possible, but in case you would like to get the latest information of the campaign, simply press a "Update" button and it would tell us that you are hurry to get the latest information now, we would update your campaign report immediately. May be many people are pressing the button at the same time, so, if not immediately, just 30 secs, we promise the latest report would be delivered. Please find the button below:

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