Thursday, June 23, 2016

Send from domain will be rejected by most email service providers

Some free email providers, like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL Mail, have adopted strict DMARC policies to prevent spam and spoofing. If you use an email marketing tool like JSender and you choose a campaign From email address provided by a free email service, their DMARC policy may tell receiving servers to reject your campaign because it wasn’t sent through them.

If you require more technical detail, please refer to the follows:

DO NOT use,,,,,,,,, in your sender address

Solution: Register a Domain
To avoid the consequences of DMARC policy changes of free email providers, use an address at your own domain. If you don’t have an email domain to use as the From email address for JSender campaigns, you can register one. Contact our support if you need further help.

Register a .com domain for HK$88/year

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