Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More Languages Supported

It has been a long time since we heard about the automatic machine translation. However, most of us know that it doesn't exist a perfect machine translator that can seamlessly translate among the languages. It usually comes with some strange combination of words or grammatical incorrect sentences in the result. We are blocked to move ahead for our system to support multiple languages in this way. On the other hand, employing human translators of multiple languages is too costly and time consuming, even worse, we always add new content and the content may change frequently. Therefore, we support two common languages in our region only, English and Traditional Chinese.

Recently, the translation technology has improved a lot. We are wonder on how simple it can be to translate a whole website to a foreign language version. It brings out the question of the multiple languages support in our system again. Our conclusion is that we can provide it, even it is not perfect, but at least we can give our users a choice. Google Translate has been widely adopted by many website for multilingual functions. We adopt Google Translate as our tools to provide multiple languages in our system.

At this moment, we support multilingual in our front-page only, we are working hard to support it to our email marketing system as well.

How to change the language?


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