Friday, February 11, 2011

Email Marketing in Singapore

We are spending a lot of effort to study the ordinances of each country to avoid violating there laws of email marketing. The Spam Control Act of Singapore was came into effect on 15 June 2007. It aims to address the still-growing and global problem of spam. The legal guidelines are reasonably easy for marketers to follow and for consumers to understand. To make our marketers follow the guidelines without spending many hours of work to search and read through there documentations, we give a simple list blow for there quick adoption. In fact, using our system to promote your campaign will complies almost all the item inside the ordinance.

Subject & Label
1) Clear and no misleading subject line.

2) Place a <ADV> label at the beginning of the subject line.

Return Address
3) A valid return email address.

4) A physical address in all commercial email messages

5) Clear states your brand affiliates and sender information

Opt-out Policy
6) Provide simple method for automatic un-subscription.

7) Handle the request within 10 business days (fortunately, we handle immediately)

8) Contains English instructions (at least)

List Management & Privacy
9) No email harvester, robot, dictionary attacks, etc.

10) Don't sell your customer information to third party (and don't buy of course)

11) State your privacy policy in message (or a link in the message)

More information can be found:
IDA Singapore
Singapore Spam Control Resource Center

Enjoy your email marketing in Singapore :)

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