Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Forever Free Account for Facebook User

3 Simple Steps to get a JSender Account for Free

1) Make sure you have at least 100 friends in your Facebook friendlist, like our page
and share this message
in your Facebook wall

2) Login our system using your Facebook account.
(we will ask for some Facebook permissions from you, it is the basic information, such as your name, and rights to send  email to you only, we respect your privacy and the email is for our communication only, no spam, no abuse)

3) Tell us (enquiry@jsender.com) you have done, we take at most 1 working day to verify (we will add you as friend) and your account will be enabled immediately.

Terms and Conditions
1) You must have at least 100 friends in your friend list
2) This promotion will be ended at April 1st, 2011
3) If we have found that the applicant uses our improperly, for example, sending spam, the account will be terminated.
4) The users have to comply with the general using terms of JSender
5) JSender reserves the rights to terminate the user's account without notification.

This offer is:
100% free, no credit card information required
500 Contact List - Send 1500 emails/month
Permanent account, permanent free, not a 30-day trial
You can use all the standard features of JSender

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